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'You are your own most important resource for making your life work. Life rewards action. Until your knowledge, awareness, insights and understandings are translated into action, they are of no value' - Dr. Phil McGraw.



Our Philosophy

Guides and Trackers Direct (G&TDirect) is a Company specialising in Safari Teams across Southern Africa.

It is our philosophy to research problem areas in safari teams as well as those problems experienced by Guides & Trackers and provide solutions geared toward those needs and expectations.



Our Service 

Primarily we offer Guides and Trackers with a platform to market and showcase their specific skills and experience from

And, We offer this platform to the industry to use for the purpose of employment and other advancement opportunities.
The guides and trackers information and the service the Website provides is free to access and use.

Our income is generated from services offered to lodges and safari companies i.e. recruitment and advertisment aswell as managment consulting for Safari Teams and other related business.

We also provide,
Our Business Solutions are researched and presented solely for the purpose of helping you achieve greater profitability and savings, maintain your community, staff and environmental responsibilities as well as increase the positive experience had by your guests. 
Safari Management Consulting which is geared toward helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through analysis of existing business problems and the development of plans for improvement. 

G&TDirect is free to use if you are searching the database for a Guide or Tracker, either use our Quick Search or use our Detailed Search Option and browse through our database. 

Why should You join G&TDirect?


 Registration Requirements 

The account registration is completed online and your service agreement will be forwarded to you via email for acceptance. Alternatively, registration can be faxed through to you.

There are no registration requirements needed if you are using the site for the purposes of: Searching for a Guide or Tracker and making use of any of the Information Services we provide.



 G&TDirect Membership  

If you are a Guide or Tracker and looking for representation, A G&TDirect account provides online access to a range of services, which provide you with the ability to exercise control and manage your own profile effectively.This opening special investment in your future is available for an annual fee of only R250. This investment will give you access to multiple services which include:


  • A Marketing Platform enabling you to showcase your particular skill sets, qualifications, experience and personal profile to the hospitality industry. The information you post is free to view making G&TDirect’s website the preferred and logical choice when wanting to offer guides or trackers opportunities. 
  • Professional Advice from highly qualified and experienced personal including Safari Managers, Risk Managers, Successful Business People, Labour Lawyers, Financial Planners and Human Resource Personnel. 
  • Discounted rates on Training, Assessments and Exam & Practical preparation courses.  


We are constantly reviewing these services to see how they can be improved, as well as adding new business services to our offering.

G&TDirect Pricing

Approval Time 

There are no lengthy approval times for a G&TDirect membership. Implementation of the service can be done in a matter of hours.


 Service Evaluation 

We invite you to evaluate any of the G&TDirect services. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may call our help line and a service consultant will see to your concern directly. 




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