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Tactical LED Flashlights

G&TDirect have partnered with a locally based company which supplies tactical LED flashlights. Using CREE XM-L T6 LED chips in most of their ranges you can expect light outputs ranging from 200 lumin up to 3800 lumin in some models. Most feature three levels of output as well as a high brightness strobe and a low brightness SOS glow that extends battery life. Military std aluminum construction including O-rings for water resistance are field tested under guiding conditions. 

A flashlight is a must have for guides who operate in Dangerous Game Area's and who need LED options that can be used with a bolt action rifle. Call Stefan on 082 326 6292 or email for more information.  






Camelbak Better Bottle

1 Litre, Spill-proof bottle that makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go. 

EASY SIPPING, NO SPILLING - Won’t spill if it’s left open. 
ONE-HAND USAGE - Flip, bite & sip. No tilting required. 
EASY TO CLEAN - Stain-resistant and Dishwasher safe. 
BPA-FREE - Maintains durability, clarity & colour

People drink 24% more water with a CamelBak® reusable water bottle than with other reusable and disposable bottles.

The reason, CamelBak Better Bottle was easier to use, more convenient and more fun to drink from.

The thoughtful design considerations like the lid (no need to remove it to drink), and the spill-proof, no-tip Bite Valve™ drink interface make this bottle the better bottle! Contact for more information or call us at 082 326 6292.



Boddington on Elephants - DVD

Certainly one of the best DVD titles to own if you conduct Trails in areas where Elephant occur. This DVD title comes with two disks, one with elephant hunting scenes and the other with a wide range of chapters dealing with Elephant Behaviour and Shot Placement to name but a few.

Featuring veteran PH Ivan Carter these DVD's take you through the realities of one of Africa's most Dangerous species and will open your eyes to what you need to know if you will be conducting trails in areas where Elephant occur.

I have rarely come across something as valuable to field guides.

Contact for more information or call us at 082 326 6292.  




Portable Instant Charger

Have you ever needed instant power for your phone or MP4 player? A powerful charge for your electronic device from just an AA battery. Plug in and get up to a 2 hour talk time boost. Most of the new the attachments are available.

Don't be caught without battery life again, it might make the difference next time!

Contact for more information or call us at 082 326 6292.    





Coolerboxes designed in Australia for their ‘Outback’ and now available in South Africa. Lightweight with easy to replace, tough nylon handles, latches and hinges – this is the cooler box for the safari industry. And is comes with a 5 year, FACTORY WARRANTY. 

Click on the picture to view their website.

G&TDirect offers a wide range of these cooler boxes in different capacities from 10 to 200 litres and we can supply you spare parts for the latches, hinges and handles.

Contact for more information or call us at 082 326 6292.




Huge A1, Laminated Posters ideal for hanging in the Rangers Room.Designed as Lodge Aids to take care of the most basic  of guide responsibilities. Our titles include: 

1. Getting and Staying Legal as a Field Guide
2. Basic Rifle Care and Maintenance.
3. Misconduct vs. Incapacity

The most up to date information and processes that have passed the scrutiny of industry specialists. Sold separately or as a box set, order yours today from or call us at 082 326 6929. 





DVD: Africa's Dangerous Game - on Foot

Take an over the shoulder look at how some of South Africa's best field guides approach, view safely and deal with africa's dangerous animals on foot.

Narrated by and featuring Adriaan Louw aswell as Lee Gutteridge, Bruce Lawson, Alan Yeowart and many others this DVD filmed over 2 years and using the best locations available in South Africa to walk dangerous game, is not a DVD to miss if you are serious about approaching dangerous game on foot.

Order yours today and remember that there is a variable wholesale price available. Contact or call us on 082 326 6292 for more information.





Magnum Guiding Boot

Simply the best guiding boots available on the market today. Tested and refined on the worlds most recent battlefields, no boot gives you the durability, comfort and value for money than the Magnum range of military footwear.

Without sacrificing durability, these boots are designed to be as lightweight as possible. They are made to fit the contours of your foot like tennis shoes, in order to reduce or eliminate potential hot spots. The days of those heavy, clunky GI boots are numbered.

Order yours today. Contact or call us on 082 326 6292 for more information.







LED Lights

Gone are the days when LED lights where only tiny little light sources reserved for key rings.  LED technology has entered the commertial bulb market and set to take it over. LED globes use 5W of electricty vs. 60W from a normal globe and give you a variety of brightness and light warmth options to choose from. 

Typically you can now light an entire house for what you lit 1 room for, just by re-fitting with LED globes. With little or no compromise.

Photovoltaic Solar Cells can now power a large number or very good light sources. 

For more information contact or call us on 082 326 6292 for more information.






DVD: Preparing Yourself for - Stopping the Charge

A 3.5 hour, 3 DVD set designed to get you familiar with your guiding rifle and the exercises needed to pass your FGASA (ARH) assessment.

Many of South Africa’s Scout level guides incl. Adriaan Louw, Colin Patrick and Robert Brydon demonstrate advanced rifle handling techniques and show you what you will be assessed against, aswell as hosting chapters designed to truly expand you knowledge or firearms in a Field Guiding context.

Order your copy today by contacting or call 082 326 6292 






Advanced Rifle Handling Target Poster 

Designed and printed to 'Life Size' with accurate head proportions, giving you a true impression of a 'Charging Animal'. These posters can be cut out and used in jungles lanes and other related excercises. The Brain and Hit zones are indicated with fine lines and the 'hit zone' is off-centre giving a more realistic impression of a real life scenario.

These posters are available in: Lioness Charge, Buffalo Cow Charge, Hippo Charge including a Hippo Rear for anchor shot training.

These posters are available from Colin Patrick Training and he can be contacted on 076 813 3475 or email


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