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Military and Security Equipment
Owned and operated by Andre van Niekerk, M&SEquipment supply military grade tactical, security and survival equipment across the African Continent.

Suppliers and distributors of:
Camelbak rucksacks, Muticam camoflage clothing and other apparel, Rifle and spottings scopes, binoculars, Laser range finders, Flashlights, Thermal Viewers and Night Vision Optics, Knives, Multi-tools, Holsters, Non-lethal defense products and Survival Kits which are made to your specification and order.

Contact Andre on 012 664 4850 or email:




The shop is situated in Nelspruit where we cater for most of your outdoor, safari and equipment needs. Dedicated sales people handle your account with a professional and friendly attitude. Marine to archery equipment, spotlights and 4x4 accessories, Rudamans have it all.Call 013 753 3631 or email us at for more information.  





Arms - Your Personal Gunshop

Ken, Margie and Chad Gillie have been operating this family owned gunshop for over 20 years, building up a really good reputation for quality gunsmithing rarely seen anymore in South Africa. Perfect Custom built rifles and shotguns made to exacting standards, and based on the action that you prefer are their speciality. Why not invest in a rifle of your own; you would be surprised at what a difference it will make?

Armament, repair and maintenance are just as important, anything from your back yard pellet gun to your exhibition grade english double, they do it all, taking pride in their work and making it all look so easy, a mark of true professionals. 

Contact them on (012) 347 1917 / 8 or email and get busy building your dream rifle.




KSL Photogrpahy - Travel, Interior, Food, Wildlife and Landscape Photography
Kathryn Louw specializes in Lodge and Safari photography. She has worked in luxury lodge management for several years over South Africa and developed a love for photography through spending so much time in the bush. 

Having worked in the lodge environment, Kathryn knows what works and what is needed to get the best shot throughout the lodge and in the bush. KSL Photography are based in Johannesburg and are available to travel anywhere from this universal hub. Contact her on 082 903 2964 or e-mail her at Click on her Photo to see samples of her portfolio on Flickr.




 Ranger Diaries - Guide Self Promotion and Information Portal is a new website for guides to share interesting wildlife information, stories, photos and videos, and as such promote themselves, their safari companies/lodges and the wilderness areas they work in. aims to provide recognition for individual guides who are passionate about what they do, and help push guiding towards being a recognized profession. We want guides to stay in the industry much longer than they are (by providing other avenues of revenue): too much good experience is lost because guides look elsewhere for a “real”job.

The better a profile the guide presents on Ranger Diaries, the more he/she will stand out. So sign up and create your profile today. It's free!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @rangerdiaries



African Tracker - Tracker/Field Guide information source


African Tracker is an information sharing and networking resource for trackers. We rely on contributions from trackers all over Africa to help build our already extensive library of track and other spoor photographs. Trackers can also contribute articles, either fictional, anecdotal or scientific for others to learn from as well as challenge themselves with our monthly 'Mystery Track'. We also serve as a 'notice board' for trackers to keep up to date with courses, events and literature related to tracking



Martin and Nicole Meyer - Travel Advisor, Photographer and Emergency Responder

Martin Meyer - Professional photographer, 4x4 safari and qualified Field Guide (FGASA/DEAT registered), Emergency Responder, sought after consultant and creative writer. His expertise is a culmination of 15 years of experience and crossings through Africa. With the true spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ coursing vigorously through his veins, he currently resides on the Board of directors of the Memory Foundation, whilst advising, guiding and consulting for a selection of high caliber safari companies.

Nicole Meyer (nee Schuttelaars) - A Dutch citizen was raised and educated in the Middle East, South America and the Far East. Her love of culture, languages and the arts led her to the diversity of South Africa’s rainbow nations’ shores. Her fluent verbal communication skills in Dutch, English, French and German, culminating in a successful international and local hotel management career.

Having amalgamated their core businesses they have a multi-faceted approach to their unique wellness safari’s, photographic galleries, publications and team-building business, offering a completely customized safari based business packages.Martin and Nicole to work together on marketing, consultancy and customized 4x4 safari solutions.
Martin is a qualified DEAT / FGASA field guide and internationally accredited Emergency Responder.

Our services range from and include the following customized options:
• Private guiding in Africa and Indian Ocean Islands          
• Customized safari itineraries into Africa
• Photographic safaris and workshops                                
• Luxurious premier safari destinations in Africa
• Spiritual and wellness retreats, safari’s and getaways     
• Secluded, personalized and hospitable accommodation locations 
• Teambuilding activities with a strong motivational ethos

For more details point your browser to
Martin Meyer: mobile: 082 576 7002 | 
Nicole Meyer: mobile: 083 266 2226 |

Follow us on: Facebook; Twitter ; Linkdin                                                                         



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