Protect Yourself

Some Important Tips To Use When Dealing With Prospective Employers

  • Never give our your Identity Number to a prospective employer.
  • Never provide credit card or bank numbers or monetary transaction of any sort.
  • Be cautious when dealing with contacts outside of your own country. 
  • Do not provide any non-work related personal information (i.e. Identity number, eye colour, etc.) over the phone or online.

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Post and Edit a Resume 
Posting your resume on Guides and Trackers Direct puts you in front of thousands of employers with positions opening up each day. When you post your resume, we automatically create a registration for you using the email address and password that you supply. When you return to the site in the future you will use that same email address and password to access and edit your existing resume.

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Resume Privacy Options
We know that our job seekers have varying levels of comfort when it comes to posting their resume on the Internet. To accommodate the needs of all users, G&TDirect has 3 levels of privacy from which you can choose.

1. Standard Posting

This option gives you the most visibility to the broadest employer audience possible by making your resume searchable in our Resume Database.
2. Anonymous Posting

You can also post to the public resume database without portions of your contact information being displayed. (If you use this option be sure to remove your contact information from the body of the resume.) 
3. Private Posting For ''Apply Online Only''
This option allows you to post your resume with G&TDirect without having it searched by employers. The benefit is that you have peace of mind that your information will not be browsed by your employer (if you use this option be sure to tick the option in the box - This will remove your CV from search results until you again un-check this box).

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Email and Online Fraud
Unfortunately, email and online fraud are continuing concerns for virtually all businesses that operate on the Internet. Please be aware that, from time to time, fraudulent emails have been circulated to G&TDirect users that appear to be from G&TDirect but which are, in fact, sent by impostors. G&TDirect is not sending these fraudulent emails. If you receive an email or pop-up window requesting that you sign in to G&TDirect and provide your personal information, do not respond. 

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