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Protect Yourself

Your Security is of the utmost importance to Guides and Trackers Direct (G&TDirect). For this reason we have included information that you may find of value. Please read through the following to make absolutely certain that you stay informed and that your rights are upheld.

Prepare Yourself

As a potential candidate you have the right to expect a certain code of ethics that states that these relationships should be characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality. Clients looking for candidates must also abide by all data privacy laws applicable within their country. You have Rights.

Candidates Bill of Rights

I. Confidentiality
II. Full Disclosure
III. Timely Communication
IV. Feedback
V. Professional Treatment
VI. Adequate Process Details
VII. Respect for Your Time and Position
VIII. Consistency Between the Recruitment Agent and Their Client
IX. No Pressure
X. A Trusting Relationship


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  • Putting your best foot forward - The executive search process is not a one-way street. Although you have a right to expect courteous, professional treatment from the search consultant and the client, there are a number of things you can do to facilitate the process and advance your more 
  • Making the connection - How do you get on the "radar screen" of leading Safari Lodges and Operators around Southern Africa? more

Privacy Policy

Guides and Trackers Direct  is committed to protecting the privacy of personal data collected at this G&TDirect Web site ("Site"), both for those who fill out the G&TDirect registration form and become a G&TDirect member ("Member" or "You") as well as for non-Member visitors to this Site ("Visitors").

I. Overview
II. Collection of Information
III. Use, Disclosure, and Transfer of Personal Data
IV. Accessing, Modifying, or Removing Your Information
V. User ID and Password Protection
VI. Data Security and Integrity
VII. Changes to the Privacy Policy for This Site
VIII. Recourse/Contact Us!




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