Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the driving force behind most successful business. G&TDirect has partnered with Elizabeth Williams to give you a series of HR modules designed to open up and shed light on this often feared and misunderstood aid. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or just want to clear up an area of confusion, these modules are definitely not to be missed.

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Module 1
This module details HR Management as a integral part of an organisation and provides an overview of the roles and funtions of HR in a business today. 


Module 2
This module is about the Employment Relationship between staff, manager and employer. It is of vital importance that the polices and recommended practices be followed if you are to save time, money, resources and effort in dealing with staff and their employment relationship. 


Module 3
The components of this framework are
i) the organisationʼs structure: hierarchy, organogram, geographical location of staff.
ii) The organisationʼs systems: formal methods of communicating and organising work e.g. handovers, policies and
procedures, operational manuals
iii) The organisationʼs culture: assumptions and consequent behaviours adopted as the approach to decision-making in the organisation (mostly unconscious).


Module 4
Here the role players that interact in an organisation are discussed. Leaders and followers and those who business is there to serve. So why focus on the interactions of the role players? For a very simple reason – if they donʼt all have the same expectations, and view the organisationʼs goals in the same way, there is going to be confusion and unhappiness. Role players need to pull together, not apart.


Module 5
This module deals with what is known as the "Change Process". The change process shows us why, at times, seemingly very rational sensible ideas donʼt come to fruition overnight. It is well studied and well observed, and occurs whether you like it or not!




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