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' The path to success is to take massive, determined action. It is in the moment of your decisions that your destiny is shaped' - Anthony Robbins.




  • At G&TDirect we are giving you the guide or tracker a platform to showcase yourself from. This takes the need away for a broker with their associated risks and commissions. 
  • G&TDirects platform will speak for you, leaving you free to enjoy your chosen lifestyle in the comfort of knowing your future advancement opportunities are taken care of.  
  • You are showcasing who you are all day, everyday and thus the power to negotiate lies in your hands. 
  • G&TDirect is the most cost effective, efficient way for you to show the majority of the Hospitality industry in your sector exactly who you are, when they are ready to look for you.  
  • G&TDirect offers its members the benefits of information on developmental training, assessment and headline industry news. Including special offers and opportunities exclusive to G&TDirect. 
  • G&TDirect is free to use if you are looking for a guide or tracker to fill a position with your Company.




 Investment Cost and Contract Term 

  • G&TDirect is free to use if you are searching the database for a Guide or Tracker, either use our Quick Search at the top of this page or use our Detailed Search Option and browse through our database.  
  • There is no contract term from the date of payment. NB! This is only applicable only if you want to register your C.V. with G&TDirect and have it displayed in the search results.  



 Payment Options

  • Electronic fund transfers are welcome. Please make sure that you add in as your reference your membership number or full names
  • You may pay cash and we advise you to get a receipt as proof of payment please.  
  • Bank Details: Guides and Trackers Direct, Standard Bank Cheque Account, Centurion Branch (012 645), Account number: 410 241 148



What are my Savings?

  • Should you be liable for your own recruitment fee's as a guide or tracker. You would owe the company you work for between 10% - 15% of your annual salary payable to that Company over 12 months. This on a salary of only R2500 per month at 12.5% means you would pay R3750 back to the Company you work for, this is R312.50 per month.


  • Consider as many as 75% of guides and trackers move more than 3 times in their career and you would be saving yourself and those that employ you thousands of Rands with a G&TDirect Membership. 


  • An average C.V. consists of 7 pages (3 for the C.V. and 5 for certificates and copies of your ID and drivers license). A fax costs R3.00 per page so to send your c.v. to 10 lodges would cost you R210 and then you do not know if it will be even be looked at. Consider that your C.V. will be available every minute of every day to all the lodges and safari operators in South Africa, Southern Africa and the rest of the World and you will not find a more cost effective method than a G&TDirect membership of getting your C.V. noticed.


  • Since G&TDirect’s data base is free to utilize as a search for guides and trackers, most, if not all Companies looking to offer advancement opportunities will be using G&TDirect at some point in their recruitment strategy. Can you afford not to be showcased? 


  • Negotiating better remuneration for services and achieving your full potential as soon as the industry judges you ready, will net you a far greater earning worth in your guiding or tracking career.  


  • By staffing your Company with individuals best suited to your organisation will save you thousands and tens of thousands of Rands / Dollars. With G&TDirect, search through the entire guiding community not only those guides or trackers looking to move elsewhere. The power to negotiate for the exact personality you need lies in your hands.






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