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Bulletin - Edition 2.
Guides and Trackers Direct - an overview. G&TDirect Business Solutions. Crossword - Feeding Strategies. Photo competition. G&TDirect TopUp service. Lion Mane Myths. Benefits of the G&TDirect System.


Bulletin - Edition 1.
The Company and how it functions. Crossword - focus on venoms and envenomation. Benefits of owning a G&TDirect membership. Guides and Trackers photo competition. Contact us. Investment cost and Contract term. What colour was Archaeopteryx? Protect yourself!  



Newsletter - 2012/01
Recruitment Service up and running. Head Ranger training program. 3D, Repairable Dangerous Game Target System. Ammocharis coranica. New 3D Target System picture.  


Newsletter - 2011/02
Achievments. G&TDirect and Power. Bio-mimicry. Heliotropium steudneri. Euphorbia confinalis. Turbine Tubercle.


Newsletter - 2011/01
Trails Guide DVD - Africa's Dangerous Game, on foot! SMS and Email Adverts. New HR Poster - Misconduct vs. Incapacity. Cuckoo Spit. Evaporative Cooling.


Newsletter - 2010/04
Excuses, excuses! Awesome animal facts. More G&TDirect benefits - Safari managment consultancy & Advice.


Newsletter - 2010/03
The importance of Laughter. G&TDirect Benefits to Lodges & Guides. Gautrain Facts!


Newsletter - 2010/02
Precious Human Resource. Cost cutting recruitment solutions. Energy saving facts. Pictures: Red Velvet Mite, Spec. Trails Guide, Justicia Protracta


Newsletter - 2010/01
You are what you choose to be. Holiday special here for a while longer. Pictures: Adenium swazicum, Caterpillar tracks.


Newsletter - September 2009
G&TDirect - Database for many uses. Clearly so...scientific names explained. Small things can make big differences, A Legal Guide Today is....! 


Newsletter - August 2009
Benefits vs. Harm. Quotable quotes - Einstein. Professional Drivers Permit (PrDP)


Newsletter - July 2009
G&TDirect, It's a Necessity! Leadership and Going Green.


Newsletter - June 2009
Importance of exposure. G&TDirect Assessor and Freelance Guide Database. Save your Business Money!



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