Enviroscope - October 2016
Giraffe species talk - making sense of the nonsense. Its all in the balance.

Enviroscope - September 2016
Asleep at the controls. Cuckoo migration update. What is it - twisted hoof/stiff sickness. Explaining a rainbow. Beating the heat - adapting to hot conditions.

Enviroscope - August 2016
How much do animals drink. Mammoth extinction. What is it - Greater Cane Rat, feeding sign. Fleeing mice-stating the obvious. Amazing planetary spectacle - 5 visible planets all in sky at the same time. 

Enviroscope - October 2014
Giraffe spotter! Animal Demogrpahy Unit - virtual museum expands. Colour trickery? Lion Manes - Revisited.

Enviroscope - July 2014
New ruling on Serengeti Super Highway - mixed outcome. Southern African fish is the fastest growing vertebrate? Naming baby. What does "Critically Endangered" mean? Dangerous censorship by Facebook! What is it - Aardvark foot&track.

Enviroscope - April 2014
Hunters - dont post pic's. Use of shark fin declining. Adapting to radiation - the birds of Chernobyl! The cheetah is a slowpoke? Human bias by scientists may put species at risk. What is it - South African Tortoise Tick.

Enviroscope - March 2014
ICJ finds Japanese whaling industry illegal. Mental maps and compass senses in pythons. UV corona on powerlines may fragment populations. Diclofenac available on EU market. What it is - Shield-Nose Snake / Shield Cobra.  

Enviroscope - February 2014
Wildlife crime whistleblower's website launched. Chinese business leaders sign Ivory Pledge. Global Forest Watch. What is it - Solanum sp. Virunga disgrace. Just how do birds survive cities?

Enviroscope - January 2014
The $1000 genome-sequence has arrived. Record reptile and amphibian diversity. More vulture woes. Nothing is as it seems. Seven species of African crocodile. What is it - Cheetah track in mud! Simple genetic differences can cause dramatic changes. White sharks may live 70 years.

Enviroscope - November 2013
Editors Note: Sneezewoods of the Great Fish River. Global Forest Change. Ongoing elephant massacre! What is it - Scrub Hare foot structure. The Arusha Manifesto - 50 years on.

Enviroscope - October 2013
Multiple-species thoery of human ancestry in doubt! Possible new function of sleep discovered. Map reading refresher! What is it - Protective Myrmecomorphy! How far away is that star?

Enviroscope - September 2013
More on animal sleep behaviour. The soft side of croc jaws! What is it - Leaf Cutter Bee. Wolf calls are individually unique - and why not?

Enviroscope - August 2013
Good and Bad News from the Congo! More on Bush Fires. What it is - Common Slug Eater? The UK's disappearing birds! Something to think about - gender of hatchling crocodiles in relation to the size of their mothers. Mammalian Super-Heros. Cuckoo update.

Enviroscope - July 2013
Hunting South African tigers? What to do about cats - some solutions! What is it - Black Stick Lily? Call to ban balloons and Chinese Lanterns. Something to think about - Buffalo pre-orbital bald spot! Russia to ban big game hunting!

Enviroscope - June 2013
Animal sleep behaviour. Something to think about - why elephant break Senegalia sp. branches before feeding? Summer is flying south. What is it - Parasitoid Wasps. Spider bite vaccine! Trophy Hunting is almost worthless to Africa. Carbon Dioxide at highest levels in human history.

Enviroscope - May 2013
Acacia name update. Fungal "phone network". More nonsense - or why penguins can't fly? Migrant birds threatened by Egyptian mist nets. What is it - Grass Lizard. Ranger Family Support Fund.

Enviroscope - April 2013
Cats stand accused - further indictments! What causes lightning? What is it - Fire Rainbows. There maybe something to snake oil afterall! Artimisinin resistant malaria. It now more than just the 3 R's.

Enviroscope - February 2013
A lesson to slowly earned! Update on the Amur Falcon massacre! Spare a thought for the reptiles. Virgin births in wild vertebrates! What is it - Mating Spur, Baboon Spiders. A twist in the .... neck?

Enviroscope - January 2013
Naming the unnamed. Frogs more sensitive than previously thought. Dung beetles can navigate using the Milky Way! Eland knee clicking. What is it - Common Caco. Domestic Dogs have a 'trashy' past.

Enviroscope - November 2012
Botswana hunting ban. Seriously? Who eats falcons? In the News: 30 hippo die of anthrax in the KNP, Asian Diclofenac vulture disaster turns the corner, Mountain gorillas on the up, Africa's largest marine reserve created in Mozambique. Some stats for the year! Megladon not Great White's grandad! This is not okay - python skinning! Meet the enemy (or a small part thereof) 

Enviroscope - October 2012
What to do - Rhino Poaching! What is it - Earwig? Six-generation migration - the worlds longest. Whats up with the dots and the dashes? Understanding rain forecasts! Its all in the balance.

Enviroscope - September 2012
High buffalo prices no benefit to the species - owners smiling. What is It - Glow Worm Larvae. 60 years to document the plants of East Africa. Remote Bolivian park might be the world's most diverse! New African monkey species discovered. How far is that star from Earth? "How to give a crocodile lockjaw" 

Enviroscope - August 2012
A "warning" to seafood eaters. Misguided - Rock Fig germination! KZN Shark Net fatalities. What is it - Crotalariosis /  Stiffsickness. Tanzania to mine uranium in Selous Game Reserve.

Enviroscope - July 2012
Why does fire mesmerise us? A little history of - reserves and trees. What is it - Burchells Coucal foot structure. Anarchy in Sri-Lanka's national parks - any different from the KNP? Goshawks and the "oddity effect"! Hong Kong imports 10million kg of shark fins every year!

Enviroscope - June 2012
Flying in the rain... Lonesome George is dead! In the News: Our threatened wetlands, Important new source of atmospheric dust - the Southern Kalahari, New threat in DRC's Garamba National Park. Earths nine lives - which ones are already lost? What is it - Lands Snails and Epiphragm? Lines of arrested growth. "Misguided" - giraffe colouration. 

Enviroscope - May 2012
Africa's massive underground water resources. What is the value of wildlife tourism? Surviving the fall - how do cats do it? What is it - Marsh Mongoose foot? How to swallow half a ton in 10 seconds? An Intersesting Opinion on Rhino Conservation!

Enviroscope - April 2012
"New" research not always the best - or the most honest! Misguided - a thorny debate? Giving wildlife a second chance. What is it - Eastern Cape Bark Spider? How (some) plants know when "spring is sprung"! Spider silk spun into violin strings. 

Enviroscope - March 2012
Can dogs eliminate Florida;s pythons? "Misguided" - Honeyguides and honey badgers. Oldest elephant tracks discovered in UAE. In the news: Tarantula silk correction/update; Termit Massif and Tin Toumma Desert declared by Niger as National Nature and Cultural Reserve.  Maybe the Yanks are waking up? What is it - Dendrite. Hiding the location of newly discovered species.

Enviroscope - January 2012
The elephant's 6th toe. Mis(guided) Daddy Longlegs Spiders. Modelling the impact of human-caused fires in Africa. Ostriches have "lymph" penises. Conservation "triage". More on the woodpecker head. What is it - Junenile Boomslang? In the news: Prices to die for, How the lethal frog fungus spread, Loggerheads take 45 years to mature, Another unfounded HIV cure claim.  

Enviroscope - November 2011
What is an ecosystem engineer? Why cuckoos imitate hawks? Mis(guided) - Giraffe Circulation!  Another threat to bees - Colony Collapse Disorder! In the news: Javan rhino now extinct in Vietnam, Iceland exportsmore Fin whale meat to Japan, 25 new species discovered in UAE's Wadi Wurayah, Worlds larget shark sanctuary declared in Central Pacific. What is it - Marula seed predatory signs. Annual Japanese porpoise hunt to begin this month.  

Enviroscope - October 2011
Nest building skills are learned according to a new study. Bat echolocation made by "superfast" muscles! "Sacrificial Limbs" on trees? What is it - Torchwood seeds. Current status of world sea turtle populations.

Enviroscope - September 2011
Examining the truth! Imagine if Earth had 2 moons. Tallying our species. The Red Queen Hypothesis. How much water is there on earth? What is it - Red Water Fern. With legs in the air! Diclofenac is back (in the news)! Could a croc swim the Atlantic?  

Enviroscope - August 2011
What is an Umbrella Species? Juipiter's moons. Wild dog dispersal one of the longest on record! Why do scorpions flouresce? In the news: Serengeti highway, 2 tonnes of pangolin siezed in indonesia, Orb spiders older then previously thought, Entire pride of desert lions wiped out. I always knew rats were tricky! Why do spiders decorate their webs? New snakebite treatment. 

Enviroscope - July 2011
Frog fungus complication! Did you know this about the moon? Drakensberg (re)search. The mathematics of Cicada strategy. In the News: bear paws seized, new world heritage sites, rhino farming plans, 1060 new species, passing of a legend. Simple steps to help prevent wildlife suffering. A little more about Woodhoopoes. New discovery about spider silk. In our skies this month. Taller plants disperse seeds best.  

Enviroscope - June 2011
Are our local youths softies? Antarctic krill as an indicator of climate change. Much fuss about a long-tailed Cassia! African lions may be two distinct species? Boom and bust as signals of eco-system collapse. Arctic reindeer "see in UV"! What is it - Velvet Mite. Deepest-living land animal found in South Africa. Rainforests killed for tofu. Doubts cast on moon formation theory.  Why do some owls have ear-tufts? Rinderpest R.I.P (28 June 2011).

Enviroscope - May 2011
How "at risk" are Ostriches? How to forecast weather using natural signs. Chimp gestures. The Anthropocene - have we left an indelible mark on earth? Waste not - want less! The Bruce Effect? Balding birds baffle the boffins! What is it - Uropygial glad.

Enviroscope - April 2011
The fastest contracting muscles in the world! What is a keystone species really? How to forecast weather using natural signs. Mountain gorilla populations on the rise.  How hogs hang! Chemically induced abortion in zebra mares. What are they - Pit Domatia. Spatial sorting and the cane toad invasion. Maasai beekeepers and farting mongoose.  

Enviroscope - March 2011
A wolf hidden in plain sight! Elephant damaged vegetation shelters more frogs and reptiles. "Follow your nostril" - how pigeons find their way home! African pythons may be breeding in Florida. Research on shark vision may help in their conservation. Human hormone pollution - another frog nightmare. What is it - Wireworm larvae and the Click Beetle. How to forecast weather using natural signs. Lions in crisis - time to act effectively.

Enviroscope - January 2011
Its now "official" - there ARE two African elephant species. Bruchid beetles and seed predation. What is r/K selection theory? Community nest spider facts and figures? Alliance for zero tolerance. Invisible power lines. The dogs are feeling left out. Crocs are not living fossils.    

Enviroscope - December 2010
Tutle turmoil. Amboseli has its national park status reinstated. Domestic moggies stand accused - again! Traffic sounds are bad for bats. What is it - Large Spotted genet pad structure. Lions back in Karoo after 170 years. How do echo-locating bats recognise water? Finding new species among the old. Gestation period could be linked to placental structure! How do cats really drink? Turle hatchlings have solved the problem of moving on sand.

Enviroscope - November 2010
Why whales and humans have grandmothers? Photic Sneeze Reflex. What is It - Rictal Bristles. Worlds oldest arrowhead found in SA. Alien plant shock! Call for a total ban on lead hunting ammo in the US. Territory inheritance in tigers! Of goat breath and aphids? Eavesdropping on baboons. A case of accidental death. Predator-loss compensation plans failing. New habitat fragmentation model will benefit big cats. More about habitat fragmentation.

Enviroscope - July 2010
Does research equal conservation? Global snake decline spoof! How do astronomers measure the distance to a star? What is is - Banded Mongoose coat pattern! Earth is younger than we thought - but not by much! UK company trains our conservation canines. Dolphins pay the price of being warm blooded. New super-giant star discovered. How many hairs does a person have on their head? Trading lions!

Enviroscope - June 2010
Study hints at global snake population decline. Africa's "Great Green Wall" to go ahead? Bushmeat takes up travel! 2010 deadline for EU timber ban. KNP census figures. For the love of fruit. The vulnerability of of mammals to traffic mortality. What is it - Loreal Scales. The science of lion prides. There be monsters - "bacterial monsters"? Our new ocean.  

Enviroscope - May 2010
Asian lions "bouncing back"! Proposed tiger tourism ban, Our "Universal Common Ancestor", Rarest large mammal in the world killed! Duke get a collar. Lions listen in on wild dog vocalisations. Another way of looking at water usage. New information on termite reproduction. What is it - Pied Crow and their feathered nostrils.The toe arrangement of birds. 12,000 critically endangered Saiga antelope dead in Kazakstan. 

Enviroscope - April 2010
How i lost my faith in CITES. Turtle deaths continue, despite circle new hooks. Strongest insect in the world! The scale of soil enrichment by termites! What is it - Red Duiker. The genetics behind spots and stripes. Cobra hood mechanism revealed. The sun is still the most important navigation tool for bats. Thirteen percent of our local plants face extinction. New Killer whale species listed. Domestic cats making a meal out of our wildlife.  

Enviroscope - March 2010
Sticking up for snakes. Cold weather doesn't slow down a chameleons tongue. Bird bones are actually as heavy as those of mammals! What is it - Barn Owl Foot. Biggest threat to endangered species - The Internet! Toad survival strategies. Why are humans flat footed. How spider webs catch water drops? Elephant brainpower! Ancient tiger ancestry.

Enviroscope - February 2010
Super organisms. You can't keep a good tahr down! Why some female antelopes have horns? Outrageous rhino death toll continues. New threat to gorilla's! Frog foam nesting methods revealed! Little Grebe Feet. Another good resaon to give up eating fish! Five anti-environment arguments to be aware of in 2010. New fishhooks save the lives of thousands of sea turtles. Yasuni National Park of Ecuador probably the most bio-diverse place on earth! The new farmyard animals. Rifle feeding problems - part 3 (the You problem).

Enviroscope - January 2010
Like a "toke" of vulture brain? Compass users could face some dodgy problems! Chimps show some incredible spacial memory. Venomous dinosaurs - what next? One way female toads select their partners. Other stories in the news: Record price for tuna, Questions surround Wildlife Photographer of the year, New paint designed to absorb carbon dioxide, Biofuel developments set to destroy Kenya's Tana River Delta. Rifle feeding problems - part 2. Half of all known northern white whino sent back to Kenya in the face of increased poaching there.

Enviroscope - December 2009
Want to buy a four-toed hedgehog? New light on an old subject. Rifle feeding problems - a common and potentially fatal flaw! First known herbivorous spider. New study into raptor talons. Not too late to save the Acacia name! New method for monitoring secretive species. Unknown chameleon discovered in a snakes jaws. Good news from the Amazon! Other interesting stories.

Enviroscope - November 2009
African Elephants could be extinct in 15 years. The truth about the Tsavo lions! First new orb weaving spider dicovery since 19th century. Boost for black rhino's. It's all in the balance. The Greenwich Meridian 125 year on. Flying Fox Fellatio.

Enviroscope - October 2009
Ana trees in important new role. Hydrogen sulphide eruptions on the Namibian coast. When Canada was Zimbabwe's neighbour. Walking in circles. Haast's Eagle - Be Afraid! New manager for Kruger, SA water reserves still declining, Existance on water on the moon is confirmed, Identifying cheetahs by pawprint, Amphibian 'life raft' launched. Python Problems. Opinion - Immigrant species aren't all bad! The state of power in Africa. Another possible mass dinosaur extinction - this time on paper. Get out there to encourage the youth. Hyena's co-operate better than chimps. 'Giant panda's should be allowed to die out'

Enviroscope - September 2009
What is it - Malcolm Douglas. Birds need to be cool to get fat. Why do flamingos stand on one leg? Suntanning lizards! Dusk and Dawn dives help tuna find their way. Feather fossil shows evidence of irridescence. Angola - the new fossil mecca. Where's the best place for a space observatory? Whistling wings. Communal egg laying in reptiles. Methane seeps from Arctic seabed. Cape tulips infest Australian pastures. A new and dangerous malaria strain discovered! Crows demonstrate complex sequential tool use. Spear wielding chimps! Why are some of us white? Tigers brainier than lions! 

Enviroscope - August 2009
Please re-think your stance on canned lion hunting. Where did african cattle come from? Life may its origins in fresh water! Global warming not so bad - if you live in the Sahara. Old scar face. Worlds largest cave passage found in Vietnam. The long and short of rain drop size. Probable source of malignant malaria discovered. New human HIV strain from gorillas. Pacific trash vortex. Deet is neurotoxic. 

Enviroscope - July 2009
Longest insect migration on record. Why do lion prides form? Controlling the worlds largest invasive species! Authorities fiddle while tigers disappear! Keeping the power down. Argentine ants take over the world. Fifteen year high (low) in rhino poaching. 2500 year old birds nest found. Barbary lion stud book.

Enviroscope - April 2009
Mara wildlife under threat. If you are a hunter who regularly eats venison, read this! First lizards and now octopii. Why chimpanzees are stronger than us! Teach a man (chimp) to fish. Mega lions. 99 Red baloons - no thanks! How spotted hyena inherit their status. New National Park unveiled in Knysna. Bottled water under energy spotlight. Sexy cheetah love tapes set the mood. Sea turtle nesting threatened by beach lights. Do you understand precipitation forecasts? The oldest human hairs ever discovered!  

Enviroscope - March 2009
The latest on Elephant communication. Far from just frigid wasteland. Migratory birds faster than previously thought. Elephant poachers turn to poison arrows. More seeds for Svalbard doomsday vault. Get your name out there. Rare Saharan cheetahs photographed. Hassles with your bino's? Most wars occur in Bio-diversity hotspots! Have wings, will fly. Baby eating - ok for rattlers! Scrambling a crocodiles radar.  

Enviroscope - February 2009
Survival of the smallest, New species dicovered with the help of Google Earth! What is it with Aussies and rabbits? New soil map for African farmers. Natural alternative to DEET, Secrets to Spitting Cobra 'accuracy'. New angle to 'sport' betting! Displays of walking animals mostly wrong. Last East African Lion stronghold. How a snake kills a forest? Tem dogs are best! Served up - 2billion frogs legs,

Enviroscope – January 2009.
Do humans live longer in jail? The Milky Way does have a black hole! African dwarf crocodiles split into three distinct species! The camels must go! Mekong River the new biological hotspot! 2008 was one longer by 1 “leap second”. Kruger croc deaths still a mystery. Cheetah origins in question. Putting a value on trees. Faroe Island Grindadráp and, Very latest on cheetah breeding.

Enviroscope – December 2008
The pitfalls of declaring a species extinct. Maybe the big bang theory actually ‘sucks’? Best planetary gathering of the year. More species in Antarctica than in the Galapagos. Lizards and Birds declared ‘hairy’! Gray’s paradox solved. New low in Asia animal trade – owls and pangolins for the table. Sea snakes and their drinking habits.

Enviroscope – November 2008
Disappointing verdict for victims of Ivorian toxic waste scandal. Important breakthrough in CPR technique! Why do some animals have round pupils and others have slit pupils? Baobab fruits approved for EU markets. How tall can they grow? Does hot water freeze faster than cold water? Migrant arrivals. Nyala sexual dimorphism. Should I be using disposable or rechargeable batteries? Shedding light on the Eland’s clicking knees. What is a ‘Climate Change Park’? Aussies should be eating roos! Scientist claims to have discovered the world’s smallest snake and, why dogs don’t enjoy music.

Enviroscope - July 2008
What colour was Archaeopteryx? Attack in Virunga National Park!  Frogs get the knives out. The birds, mammals and the bees! Wandering Hippo getting ‘stressed out’.  SA ranks second in the world adventure travel top 10. Moon formation theory challenged. Explore South Africa on Google Earth. Deutsche Internationale School leads the way. The great wall of Africa! Interesting information from the Environmental News Network. Nature Reserves do attract people but at a cost to biodiversity.

Enviroscope - June 2008

Kenyan lions poisoned! President Bush to ‘Phase out’ Environment by 2009. Temperature Dependant Sex Determination (TSD). Scorpion family name change! Which is the most dangerous animal in the world? ‘Methuselah’ no longer the oldest! The Tuatara is the fastest evolving animal known!

Enviroscope - February 2008
Try carrying this book in the bush! Gecko ‘begs’ insects for honeydew! How to pronounce biological Latin – final. Plant identification could be as easy as reading a barcode! Ecotones? Elephants are good ecosystem engineers. Komodo eggs hatch to virgin mom! Tricks of croc digestion revealed. Bats use magnetite to help them navigate! In the news locally. 

Enviroscope - January 2008
New species of spitting cobra described. How to pronounce biological Latin – part 2. A very long swim. New pain killers from naked mole rats! Svalbard Global Seed Vault! Biorubber and Geckel? Sugar produces bitter results for the environment! Daddy – why is the sky blue? Chameleon colour designed to stand out!

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