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Guides and Trackers Direct (G&TDirect) Career Channel is the best way for you, the Guide or Tracker, to gain access into the Field Guiding industry by contacting those organisations, which train their own guides directly.

Equally so if you are looking for a training opportunity, assessor or information on being registered as a guide, look no further.

Business advice, solutions and services are a touch of a button away. G&TDirect research and make available to you those business's which will provide a quality solution to your business plan, whatever that may be.

G&TDirect offer access to and advice on Companies specializing in creating business opportuniites centered around social upliftment, empowerment and wealth creation for guides, trackers and their families or friends.




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    Private Game Reserves

    Southern African Lodges are located within private game reserves, national parks and nature reserves. Accommodation offered at a Southern African Game Lodge ranges from rustic to 5-star luxury; from self catering bush camps to fully catered lodges, with packages including daily game activities, day and night game drives, bush walks, horse-back safaris and other eco-activities.

    These are the backbone of the Safari industry in Southern Africa and employ large numbers of guides and trackers to conduct guided safaris for their guests. A few of these Companies offer training to existing guides and trackers as well as to those individuals who would like to begin a career in Field Guiding or Tracking. See list. 



    Training Providers

    Southern Africa boasts some of the best academies, colleges and schools in the best areas available to a prospective Field Guide or Tracker. Courses offered by these institutions contain many different skills to be mastered in either short or long timeframes depending on your specific needs and budget.

    Most however offer at least the chance at certification for the minimum qualifications needed to become an active Field Guide in South Africa and all will offer you a life changing experience and a glimpse into understanding this amazing world. See list.




    A highly skilled, competent and thorough group of experienced assessors are available to cater for the practical assessment needs of the diverse range of qualifications on offer in Southern Africa including all guiding and tracking levels as well as 1st Aid Services. See list.





    The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) is a non-profit organisation representing Field Guides, Trackers and organisations involved in offering professional field guiding services to members of the public.
    The Functions of FGASA:

    • Quality-assure and moderate nature-guiding qualifications.
    • Endorse and quality-assure training providers and trainers of nature guiding unit standards.
    • Quality-assure and develop qualified nature guide assessors and moderators.
    • Enhance the credibility of field guiding and tracking in Southern Africa.
    • Encourage guides to achieve higher levels of professionalism, and thereby improve the quality of service to and safety of the visitors both local and international.
    • Keep members abreast of developments in the industry via regular communication in its magazine and other mediums. 

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    The Job Market

    G&TDirect realize that at some point you will have the need to actively search the available job market. There are a number of reasons for this and knowing what is on offer aswell as the industry standard for renumeration and benefits can only add value to your career. As such G&TDirect have researched and present a few recommended service providers to help you stay in touch with what is happening in the outside world. See list.


     Business Advice

    Guides and Trackers Direct (G&TDirect) want you to be as informed as possible when making decisions about your career and future. We host links and information to business's which are researched to provide you with a quality, cost effective service solution and / or product. 

    Get your business plan developed and moving, making the right choices.
    See list   



    Business Opportunities

    Guides and Trackers Direct (G&TDirect) is as concerned as you are that the future not only of yourselves but those of your families and friends is made certain aswell.  G&TDirect is a proud supporter of business and products designed specifically to bring cost effective and efficient business opportunities to those members of our society with an entrepreneurial spirit. In particular opportunities are sought out in alternative energy solutions and mobile telecommunications. Read more.




















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